For a great but difficult industry, design gives the best chances to lead your restaurant to success. It’s not a guess, it’s a fact!


There are many reasons why you should invest in Design: you’re opening a new restaurant, coffee shop, tea room or brasserie. You want to give a twist to the brand because of the competition in the industry or to follow a trend or your intention is to increase the quality and give a better experience to your customers.

Design will improve the customer experience, the feeling of quality, your position on the market and finally increase the spirit and loyalty of the team.

All these services are investments in growing your business and shouldn't be considered as extra cost because in the long run it will bring you more profit and less struggle in your daily work.

We can help and guide you in every step of this process and meet your budget thanks to our different offers.

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1 Logo Design
Just say enough to a Times New Roman font, with an old color and Microsoft Word effects to create your so called logo. It’s very important to have a personalized, professional and unique logo with well chosen colors and fonts in order to have a strong brand.

2 Branding, Graphic Design and Printing
Once the logo is done it’s all about branding. All the material needed will be graphically designed accordingly and printed to have your own atmosphere. You should give a lot of importance to every detail.
Having a well designed business card, table set, napkins and many more items will make your restaurant stand out from the competition and give a great experience to customers.


3 Photography and Video
Photography and a professional video is a must to increase expectations to customers. The more appealing they are the easiest is to get reservations. This material should be fill your website, your Google Business your social media pages.


4 Web design, marketing and social media
Today it is remarkably important to have an online presence. People use Google to find where to go, they check the website to be convinced about a new place or to check the menu and pictures but mainly to book a table and finally they start following on social media.



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