Still Osteopathic Clinics

Challenge: For this private Italian clinic in Bergamo with a very high reputation we had to renew everything they had to satisfy their wealthy customers. Solution: We designed the new logo based on the old one but more up to date. The color code is completely new introducing a nice reassuring plain and gradient blue. All […]

Ciaooo Pizzeria

Challenge: This pizzeria is one of the best in Brussels. Started with a small budget and home made branding, while growing they needed a whole rebrand and better tools. Solution: A nice and contemporary logo was inspired by the wooden fired oven and it’s way to put the pizza inside. All the printed material follows […]


Challenge: Curvik is a brand new Belgian product to place on the market. This furniture is build with a great structure and with a minimalistic look and so the branding should be. Solution: We were inspired by the tubular system of the structure to design the logo. We created all simple but very efficient collaterals […]


Challenge: GIRP stands for “Groupement Internationale de la Répartition Pharmaceutique”. It’s the European Healthcare Distribution Association, the umbrella organisation for full-service healthcare distributors in Europe. Created back in the 90s and kept the same identity since then. Their need was to look more professional and linked to Europe. They also needed to have a better […]

Brigit Art Gallery

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